Colin Joseph Burns' Biography


I have had a lifelong interest in drawing and painting but took a more serious interest during the 1990s when I attended numerous courses and studied regularly with a local teacher for a number of years.

Since that time I have exhibited in a variety of venues including solo exhibitions at Wimbledon Art Studios open studios (2007-2009), Hicks Gallery, Wimbledon (2008), Little St Peter’s Church at the Brighton Fringe Festival (organised by Mascall’s Gallery, Paddock Wood, 2010) and group shows at the Strand and Tokarska Galleries, London (2011/2012). In 2009 I was artist in residence for one week at Wymondham Abbey, Norfolk.

I paint largely in acrylic but also in oils. Journeying into the unknown, a sense of adventure and discovery, hinting that there may be something more beyond the physical world than we can see - these are the themes that I am exploring in my work. My acrylic paintings are heavily influenced by the watercolour technique of Turner and Chinese artists.

In addition to painting, I am an accomplished guitarist and singer-songwriter. I recorded the album ‘Emerald & Gold’ in 2011. To visit my music website please click the ‘Music’ button.